About us

why_games_work2Jolly Jellyfish is specialized in developing Promotional and Applied (Serious) Games for Facebook, iOS, Android and the web. At Jolly we love games and enjoy creating them!

Because of our passion for games we keep track of the latest developments in the mobile and social game industry and use this information to evolve our own game engines, enabling us to be competitive and stay on the front line of Casual Game development. We also use this information for our independent game development resulting in Cubles, a case we are very proud of. All the knowledge we gain through these processes are used to keep improving our products.

If you’d like to know more or have any questions or inquiries please feel free to contact us or check us out on Facebook!

The team

At the moment we work as a small team, occasionally teaming up with other (game) companies or hiring external developers for larger assignments.

Job offerings

We have an extensive network of developers and designers which works really well for us. We don’t have any job offerings nor do we have we any place for internships. When new positions open up we will announce it on our website.

Jolly Jellyfish is a member of the Dutch Games Association