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Why games work

Why games work

The popularity of mobile and social games has grown massively in the last years.   To make a successful game it is important to know what exactly makes games so interesting and appealing. Who play games and why do games work? We’ve taken recent research and created an infographic to summarize some of the most remarkable facts. Curious? Check out the infograph for more...

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3 in 1 solution

3 in 1 solution

To release your game on all platforms has advantages since it’s easier to reach a big audience. Normally the disadvantage with this surplus of devices and platforms is that they each require a totally different development approach making it 2 to 3 times more expensive. Not to mention the extra time it takes to develop the game. But that’s no longer an issue..   We create games using TypeScipt and Cordova. This let’s us develop the game once and then distribute it to all desired platforms no matter what brand or screen size! The game in short: Is a lot cheaper to develop and maintain cross-device and cross-platform Will look consistent througthout the different platforms and devices Will have the same quality as when developed native Can be launched a lot...

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Android Magazine about Cubles-

Een verslavende Puzzelgame van Nederlandse bodem!

Keuze van de redactie!



Gamezebo about Cubles-

Cubles have personality. They come dressed as old-timey criminals, monocle-sporting statesmen, eyepatch-wearing pirates, and more. They’re  quite adorable. Very boutique. Very cool.

App pirate about Cubles-

Cubles is cute, unique, and extremely simple. Users will learn how to play the game in mere minutes but it will take a lifetime to master it, especially since each puzzle is laced with a hidden challenge.

Mocreate about Jolly Jellyfish-

Every assignment done with very nice results. Designs in a style I truly appreciate. Does not need a complete briefing, just tell them what you need and they’ll come up with something great!

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