Billy Beamer

Billy Beamer, a visitor from a planet far, far away just landed. Curious? You can meet him on Facebook!

Billy Beamer is the main character in our latest social game. After ‘Cubles’ we’ve got a good taste of what it´s like to develop, release, distribute and promote a mobile and social game. We wanted more! That brought forth Billy Beamer; a freemium puzzle game where Billy needs your help to collect DNA samples from earthlings.

We set out to create a fun game and to experiment with social media plug-ins.We actively involved social media to enhance the viral effect of the game. Login with facebook, invite friends, compete with them, share and like the game on Facebook. All of these actions are rewarded with in-game currency to spend on upgrades!

The game is currently available on Facebook. Later this year the game will be released for both Android and iOS.