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Cubles is our highly addictive arcade/puzzle game. After the release of Cubles we send out press releases to promote our brand new game. Soon after the release Cubles got picked up and we were able to push it to the top in the Apple store! Getting more than 800.000 downloads from the Apple App Store and well over 100.000 downloads from Google Play. The game is played around 250.000 times online as well.








As a Game Studio we are fascinated by the games that really thrive in the app markets. By tweaking a successful game concept and adding our own flavour we created ‘Cubles’, an action packed arcade/puzzle style game.




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New techniques
Our goal was to create a game people would love and that would become a hit in the app markets. Secondary goal was to monetize our game through a freemium model. Thirdly we used this opportunity to improve our game engine and implement new modules. Last but not least it gave us a lot of knowledge and insight on publishing and marketing Casual Games.