Non profit

Spot the Jaguar | WNF Ranger Club

For the WNF Ranger Club we developed a game that creates awareness amongst children. By taking pictures of the Jaguar the kids got a small impression how these animals behave in their natural habitat. It’s also meant to stimulate the kids to explore more and raise interest in jaguars. Within the game the player can progress by capturing the animals on camera. Spot the Jaguar was created while working for internet agency theFactor.e.


WNF game


Match and Catch | Stichting Philidelphia

Match and Catch is developed for people with the Down syndrome, commissioned by ‘ Stichting Philadelphia’. The goal of the game is to learn players to associate items with a certain theme. This was done by catching the proper items in the matching column. Match and Catch was created while working for internet agency theFactor.e.


Philadelphia game


African rally | Plan Nederland

African Rally is created to raise awareness amongst children. The goal is to give kids some insights on worldwide children’s rights. This was done by letting the children play a game, they had to walk to school. Sounds easy but while walking to school they’d have to evade all kinds of wild animals. Along the way they played a sort of quiz where questions were asked in relation to children’s rights. Upon arriving at school, the amount of good answers was accumulated and a score was generated.  African Rally was created while working for internet agency theFactor.e.

Plan Nederland Game